transformation/upcycled products

Losing something is difficult. It pains. It hurts. It is like an important part of ourselves has been taken away from us.

Invariably in our journey through life we collect objects we love and enjoy. But then the inevitable occurs. They break or suddenly don’t seem to make sense anymore. But we also don’t want to lose them. Too much of us is invested in them. Too many memories.

What can we do? How can we save them? How do we retain an important part of ourselves? We can learn from nature. We can reimagine, redesign and repurpose them.

Look at the objects below. A simple redesign acted out has made them appealing to the eye once more. And with that their functionality has been given a new life.

You probably have several objects that you don’t want to throw away. Tell us about them. Tell us what they mean to you. What of you is tied to them. Their history. And yours with them. Maybe we can make it all come alive once more. So, you can find yourself again. In ever changing relationships through Transformations enabled by karmickatha.