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What I felt when I took up a challenge?

You see I took up a challenge, a challenge to upload 50 social media posts in 30 days from 1st sept 2022. Did I hear a wow from your end? 😊 I definitely said wow to myself when I accepted it. As always, the beginning of any challenge is full of enthusiasm, gusto and energy […]

do I really want to write?

Below is the poem I wrote in the year 2006. I came across my book (while I was cleaning the studio space) where I use to pen down my poems. I still remember the evening when I wrote this piece, the room was dark except for a faint light coming from the streets and a […]

yesterday i almost swallowed a fly

What started out as a relaxed early morning turned out to be an unpleasant early morning. I was calmly enjoying a hot cup of coffee while reading my book (inspite of an irritating fly hovering around me) I raised my cup to take a sip, and from the corner of my eye I saw something […]

what has been on my mind since sometime ?

Sketching was always on my mind. Sure, I drew my emotions and have few art journals to my name, but I never had the balls to draw those beautiful, picture perfect, gorgeous sketches of places, nature, and objects which you see on social media created by amazing artists. So, I decided to give it a […]

about this and that

Hi there, this blog is a little about this and a little about that. I want to observe the little things around us, draw, record, capture, write and share those things with you.

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