2020 – the third space

Relationships are complex but are equally important to establish in our lives. We meet different kinds of people in the world and start building a relationship with them. The energies created, when 2 or more than 2 people meet, is different for everyone. The body language. The tenor of our voices. The ease of a conversation. All this sets a tone of certain relationships. There can be many energies at play here. It can be love, comfort, jealousy, envy, anger, happiness, sorrow, fear, disgust amongst many other emotions. The space, co-created by these combined energies, be it positive or negative, of the individuals occupying the room is The Third Space. An invisible space pulsating with the combined energies.

Look at each painting for 3 minutes, observe the eyes, what emotions does it spark within you? Observe the body language between the figures, can you feel their proximity or is it separation? Sense the unconscious processes through mark making, splash of colours, demarcation within the forms. Do any of these paintings bring you face to face with the Third space co-created by you and your relationships with people?

Click on the artworks and read the stories behind some of them.