you are amazing remember that

$60.00 price including tax

Title: you are amazing remember that
Medium: acrylic on board.
Size: 6*6 inches (2021)

Every single day for 30 days, I created a painting thinking about the experiences and learnings we gather in our life journey which leads to internal transformations and changes.

The ’30 small works’ gave way to the series called ‘ongoing journey to growth’. Reminding us to be gentle on ourselves. Making us feel stronger and courageous. Enabling us to feel free to walk the path of self-discovery and self-realization.

The artwork is framed and ready to be hung or to be gifted to someone you know who is walking on their life journey too.

Shipping cost will be at actuals.
This painting will be shipped on the 5th day after receiving the full payment.

20% from my art sales will go towards donation (10% to Vipassana Center and the other 10% to NGO).