The rings of contemplation

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Title: the rings of contemplation
Medium: acrylic with charcoal on watercolour paper.
Size: 6*6 inches (2021)

This is part of my mini series “lost and found”

On and on the thoughts whirled around in my mind. One thought germinating into another forming a bridge of tangled knots. At times they were interesting, some were quite mundane, few left me bereft of any emotions and several consisted of daydreams and fantasies. Snatches of conversations captured in that vortex revolved around reasoning, worries, ideas, procrastination, wishful thinking and dreaminess creating rings of contemplation.

During the 2020 burnout, I consciously decided to listen to my mind for a minute and wrote down the content in my journal. It was an interesting experiment.

The artwork is set-up on a white mountboard; all you need to do is put it behind a non-reflective glass with a wooden frame of your choice.

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