Original painting for sale.
Includes Certificate of authenticity.

Title: Meandering
Medium: Oil pastels, watercolour crayons, pens , charcoal and acrylic on watercolour paper.
Size: 8.27*11.7 inches (2020)

This is part of my series “integrating, disintegrating only to integrate again. Repeat”
2 days before this painting came through, I was surfing Pinterest and since then my inner critic was having a field day. It was rambling on and on about everything which was wrong with my work. this is in response to that inner noise and how i chose to ignore it.

The artwork is set-up on a white mountboard; all you need to do is put it behind a non-reflective glass with a wooden frame of your choice.

20% from my art sales will go towards donation (10% to Vipassana Center and the other 10% to NGO).