Imprints of my mind fog

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Original painting for sale.
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Title: Imprints of my mind fog
Medium: acrylic with charcoal on watercolour paper.
Size: 5*5 inches (2021)

This is part of my mini series “lost and found”
I had accepted the truth; brain fog has hit me hard. My body and mind had stopped responding to the fact that various tasks needed to be addressed, that clutter was building up, social media interaction was being ignored and worst of all creating art was a distant dream, a very hard-hitting reality. Everything lost its meaning at that moment. A question did cross my mind, how long will this last and will I be able to overcome it?

The artwork is set-up on a white mountboard; all you need to do is put it behind a non-reflective glass with a wooden frame of your choice.

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20% from my art sales will go towards donation (10% to Vipassana Center and the other 10% to NGO).