bit by bit, piece by piece

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Title: bit by bit, piece by piece
Medium: acrylic, charcoal, watercolour crayons, oil sticks on watercolour paper.
Size: 8.3*5.8 inches (2021)

This is part of my 2021 series “hiding behind my inner walls”

Quote by unknown: ‘- ‘one day the pieces will come together and you will understand why it happened as it did’’

I am seeing some benefits of not introspecting the Self. My series of this year is not to self-reflect and to allow the subconscious to speak its own language. I am sensing, since a month, that I have stopped being hard on myself, I do not criticize myself, I do not feel guilty, I am simply acknowledging and accepting what is happening without any retort or judgement. I feel I am coming together bit by bit, piece by piece. Taking this present moment as it is. Keeping in mind that this too shall change.

The artwork is set-up on a white mountboard; all you need to do is put it behind a non-reflective glass with a wooden frame of your choice.

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