absorbing some zest


Original painting for sale.
Includes Certificate of authenticity.

Title: absorbing some zest
Medium: mixed media on watercolour paper.
Size: 18*12 inches (2021)

This is part of my 2021 series “hiding behind my inner walls”

quote by unknown: ‘often we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to enjoy the journey.’

When the pressure is down to perform, when you do not beat yourself for not finishing tasks, when you balance your life with meaningful choices, when you give a break on self-introspection, then there comes a time when you are able to enjoy the small nuances of life and everything around it. Slowing down allows you to see and feel what is in front of you. I am currently absorbing and soaking up that state. Again, I say to myself – ‘this too shall pass’. This helps to keep me in balance.

The artwork is set-up on a white mountboard; all you need to do is put it behind a non-reflective glass with a wooden frame of your choice.

20% from my art sales will go towards donation (10% to Vipassana Center and the other 10% to NGO).