Each year I create a series. When you click on each painting below, it will take you directly to that body of work from 2020 to 2017.

Title: Joined at the hip. Medium: acrylic and charcoal on watercolour paper. Size: 5.8*8.3 inches, (2020). Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

2020 – the third space

2020 – integrating, disintegrating and only to integrate again. Repeat.

Title: Momentarily cynical Medium: Acrylic on watercolour paper Size: 11.5*16.7 inches (2019) Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

2019 – fh-(aces)

2018 – struggle with the Self

Title: Look up Medium: Acrylic and charcoal on watercolour paper Size: 11.7*16.5 inches (2017) Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

2017 – beneath the masks