2021, ongoing journey to growth

Every single day for 30 days, I created a painting thinking about the experiences and learnings we gather in our life journey which leads to internal transformations and changes.

The ’30 small works’ gave way to the series called ‘ongoing journey to growth’. Reminding us to be gentle on ourselves. Making us feel stronger and courageous. Enabling us to walk freely on the path of self-discovery and self-realization.

At every step of our lives, we gather and gain experiences. Some can be shared fondly, some we would rather bury deep within us, some bring us pride, and some evoke tears or fears. With each experience a learning takes place, which gets reflected in ourselves, in our relationship with people, nature, and the outside world.

They, experiences, become an integral part of our life journey.

We are constantly evolving as people; a transformation takes place within us, in our personalities, in our moods, in our confidence, in our behaviours, in our expectations, in conversations. We notice some change and others get pointed out to us. We often say to ourselves, “wish I was what I was years ago” or we are told, “you have really changed a lot”. Experiences in life does that, doesn’t it?

I have created this series ‘ongoing journey of growth’ keeping in mind us as individuals. Embarking on this journey called life. One full of colours including shades of grey. With a balloon in one hand representing the child within us. With a lightness of being. Growing with each step we take. Showing us how strong and resilient we have become. Encouraging us to keep walking. To reach our destination with vigour and strength. Oh yes, we will falter more often than not but we have to muster the ability to pick ourselves up by remembering our life lessons and experiences.

Let’s walk together on this path of self-exploration and self-discovery by gifting ourselves or someone we know who is walking along with us.  

‘Ongoing journey to growth’ is created on 30 pieces of board, each sized at 6*6 inches using acrylic paints, embedded in a frame, ready to be hanged or gifted, priced at $185 only. Each artwork has a motivational quote on the front side and a personal message from me to you written behind the artwork. Click on each artwork below, it will take you to the shop.