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hello there,
how are you doing? hope all is well at your end.

i would like to thank you for visiting my website, hopefully you also went on my blog (karmickatha) and are following me on social media (Instagram : Facebook) . thank you, I truly appreciate that 🙂

i am just curious to know, when you went through my online portfolio or my artworks on social media, how did you feel upon seeing the paintings? what struck you the most about a particular painting? did any of the them resonate with you or speak to you? i would really be very happy to hear your feedback or you can just drop a message to say hi.

now here comes the sales pitch LOL! If you are interested in buying my artworks or would like me to create something for you (commission work) kindly write to me on I would be glad to be of any help. I look forward to hearing from you.

take care.

thank you very much.
with warm regards,
gaurangi mehta shah