2017 – beneath the masks

A child sees himself as an Image in the mirror or in the eyes of the Other. This image gives him a sense of self, continuity, wholeness. But reality, unfortunately, is the fragmented self. Torn, ripped, and in pain. The Other, through who one becomes, then is a relief. A benediction. But there is a price. There is always a price. If we want to believe in the Image we wear as an escape from Truth. The Image makes demands on us. Has expectations of us. Requires conformation of us. Constructs us. Moulds us. Defines our desires. The Image then becomes a mask. Innumerable masks. In homage to the Other. And over time we find our security in it. Even if it takes us further and further away from our Truth(s). Suffocating us. Making us mute. Unrecognizable. Invisible. A painful insight. Traumatic. Begging for reflexive action. To peel off the layers. To unmask. So, we can breathe again. Let the breath form us and un-form us. Eternity.

 © Rajiv Shah

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Small in my own eyes
Unspoken words
Traces of desire
Tears of pain
SOLD – Grounded
Are you being played
Where has my other half gone?