artist biography

gaurangi mehta shah is born in Mumbai, India. She has lived and travelled extensively for more than 11 years outside India, facing constant changes and uncertainties. Trying to adapt to new environments had brought about certain anxieties and the feeling of not belonging. A nomadic life was exciting but had its own challenges. The positive side – it allowed her the space to reflect, introspect and explore parts of herself which, she is seeing in her art. She is largely self-taught in acrylics, oil paints and mixed media.

She has revolved around the creative axis in her work-life choices, a web-designer, a pre-school teacher with over-imaginative kids, a story-teller for children, an ardent fan of upcycling objects into pieces of art and since the last 10 years, creating art.

She is inspired by writings of Freud and Jung and the ordinariness of life which invokes her imagination.

She now lives in Mumbai, India.

artist statement

Behind every face is a story. Story of our self. Story of our internal and external journey. Stories of our lives, our experiences, our emotions. Stories of our world. Our memories. Our moments.

Art taps into our subconscious and finds its way out through colours, lines, marks, forms, symbols, all telling the story of us. It liberates, uplifts and inspires us in the end. My journey in art has allowed me to evolve. It has allowed me to express my feelings; of fears, triumphs, sorrow, anxiety and all the other qualities which make me human. I have been noticing that after every artwork I feel like I am standing on a cloud and this makes me want to create more and more.

This is an ongoing transformation. I feel like a butterfly slowly coming out of a cocoon. Freed more from self-imposed constraints, with each passing date. I express my stories drawing inspiration from my own experiences and my own life.