25 days of mini, 2023

Beginning December 1st, I will be releasing one new small artwork each day until Christmas as part of the 25 Days of Minis. This year 79 artists are participating, and you can get to know them and see their artwork over at 25daysofminis.com.

‘fabric of life’

In this beautiful fabric of our lives, we cross paths with countless souls, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unexpectedly. These encounters with friends, mentors, companions, beautiful souls, even strangers hold a deep emotional significance. They each play a unique role in the story of our lives. In our fabric of life.

These connections shape us. From our families, who provide the foundation to our existence, to those fleeting encounters with strangers, every interaction leaves its imprint on our hearts. These connections influence the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Some offer us valuable guidance, a caring touch, and candid advice, they help us to move forward in our life with empathy and kindness. Others bring laughter, joyful experiences, each creating cherished memories that warm our souls. And there are some unexpected helpers, who appear just when we need them, guiding us with their acts of kindness and disappearing into the tapestry of our lives.

And within these connections, how can we forget our soulmates – the ones we hold closest to our hearts. They are people with whom we have deep connections. They share our dreams, understand our fears, they offer unwavering support in life’s most challenging moments. With our soulmates, even silence is welcomed, their mere presence around us speaks volumes to our souls. How do these profound connections with our soulmates shape our sense of purpose and belonging in this world?

In this intricate fabric of life, each connection, each encounter, each interaction, leaves a strong mark on our very being, inviting us to explore the profound mysteries that define our journey through this world, each creating our unique story.

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