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happiness comes from unknown sources

Happiness is experienced, when for the first time ever, you make a new mithai and it turns out to be delicious.
Happiness is feeling emotional and touched, when you purchase flowers from a vendor and her 4 year old daughter invites you to share part of her lunch.
Happiness is experienced when the flowers used for the rangoli, spreads its hue and delicate fragrance throughout the room.
Happiness comes when you observe beautiful dancing patterns on the wall, projected by the lit divas and Diwali lights.
Happiness is when you see yourself in the mirror in total admiration.
Happiness emergers when you see the surprised expressions on your family’s faces when you give them gifts they weren’t expecting.
Happiness arises when by the end of the day your arms are filled with gifts received from your friends.
Happiness is felt when you and your family sit around the dining table, enjoying the traditional food, and with nonstop conversations about this and that.
Happiness lingers when you feel content after a heavy meal, and the entire room falls into a quiet hush where everyone enjoys the serene atmosphere.
Happiness is being surrounded by people you love, creating timeless memories year after year, moments that will be cherished and remembered fondly.
Happiness comes by creating timeless memories through the gift of art.
Happiness comes by downloading the free pdf, ‘gift art, create timeless memories
Happiness comes from unknown sources. Observe it, absorb it and share it.

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