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i am noticing a ritual here

Every year, like clockwork, I find myself automatically drawn to the magical world of Harry Potter. Since 2020, it has become a tradition for me to immerse myself in all eight books for three consecutive months, while dedicating six months to painting. What once began as a passing fascination has now transformed into a beautiful ritual—an opportunity to lose myself in vivid imagery, find comfort within the pages, and give my mind the rest it deserves.

My hands reach for these books without thinking, year after year, without experiencing a single dull moment. I can read them tirelessly, as if under a spell😊. It gives me the space to simply be, allowing my mind to rest, relax, and recharge. It is a wonderful space to be lost in.

This ritual has become a beautiful part of my artistic and personal journey. I have come to love it deeply. My soul and body feel liberated, and blockages disappear, allowing creativity and emotions to flow freely. The unblocking of my inner self allows for an intuitive outpouring, where thoughts, ideas, and feelings effortlessly flow outward.

I cherish this ritual and its impact on my life. I look forward to reading them next year again😊.

Thank you for taking the time to read this 😊. I would love to know which books have left a great impact on you. Please, share your experiences, for in the exchange of stories, we uncover the magic that connects us all.