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What I felt when I took up a challenge?

You see I took up a challenge, a challenge to upload 50 social media posts in 30 days from 1st sept 2022. Did I hear a wow from your end? 😊 I definitely said wow to myself when I accepted it.

As always, the beginning of any challenge is full of enthusiasm, gusto and energy like joining a new gym, starting any diet, organising your laptop, cleaning the house, you get the gist, right? The same thing happened to me, I was full of ideas and fantasies about the challenge but then my mind started raising its ugly head, opening up a can of worms full of self-doubt, fears, failures and faults. There is a saying, ‘everything starts in the mind’ and it did. The mind was having a ball game with my emotions and feelings. I have a big list of all the things my mind said to me. Allow me to share a few, not many, otherwise you will need a whole day to read my blog Lol!

Here it comes:

  • Nobody is interested in what you post.
  • They will get bored seeing your content every single day.
  • You are taking up their space.
  • You don’t belong here.
  • You are a fake.
  • What are you trying to prove.
  • You have nothing to say.
  • They will dislike you for posting every day.
  • They will be forced to comment on your post.

  • They will have to be nice to you.
  • You don’t deserve that.
  • They will think you are desperate for attention.
  • They will stop following your page.
  • What if they don’t like my post.
  • Only 4 likes, did I do something wrong.
  • There are no comments, did I offend them.
  • And the list goes on and on…

But in all this madness of self-doubt, self-criticism, the mind also shows an optimistic side which helps you to regain your confidence and boost your morale, that is as follows:

  • You are enjoying yourself.
  • You are thinking out of the box to post new content.
  • You are being very creative.
  • Coming up with 50 different content is not easy and you are doing it.
  • You are sharing what you normally wouldn’t have shared before.
  • You are being brave to put yourself out every day in spite of all your self-doubts and fears.
  • You are brave.
  • People don’t always have to comment.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You are here to make a difference.
  • Your art is touching many souls.
  • Your page looks so colourful and bright.
  • You are not giving up.
  • You are doing it in spite of all your internal challenges.
  • You will fall, stumble, you will get up and stumble again.
  • You are almost close to the finish line.
  • You are there and you can feel the contentment of what you are about to achieve.
  • You did it.
  • You are overjoyed, happy, thrilled, elated and you are doing a happy dance.
  • You stuck to the challenge.
  • You finished it.
  • You overcame lots of blockages within you.
  • You know you can do it again.
  • You are allowed to feel what you felt.
  • It is ok to feel what you felt.
  • You are human.
  • And the list goes on and on with such vibrant feelings……

The challenge had become a task which you can or cannot overcome but eventually you learn so much about yourself that next time, by placing that trust in you, you try again. Maybe you will come a wee bit closer than the last time which is equally a huge step. It is a path that you keep walking on and discovering new things on the way. Leant a lot from this challenge. Cheers😊