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yesterday i almost swallowed a fly

enjoying my coffee with a book, early in the morning. Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

What started out as a relaxed early morning turned out to be an unpleasant early morning. I was calmly enjoying a hot cup of coffee while reading my book (inspite of an irritating fly hovering around me) I raised my cup to take a sip, and from the corner of my eye I saw something black floating in the milk. I thought that the black spec were undissolved coffee granules (I love Nescafe instant coffee with my almond milk). Inspite of this doubt I still went ahead to take a sip and instantly spat the liquid out. The liquid was accompanied with a very battered fly (I am guessing the fly decided to change its path as it was getting bored of looking at objects from far. Hence it came closer to me, I shooed it away, and as a revenge it entered the one space which gave me immense joy – my early morning coffee).

a glimpse into our ordeals. Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

We both were traumatized and shaken by this unwanted situation. It took a while to get our foot on the ground. We almost drowned in our ordeal (no pun intended). I ran into the bathroom for a good gargle and rinse (must have drunk half a bottle of mouthwash). While the poor little fly was literally dragging its wings, legs, and body to haul itself on the rim of the cup (it still had its various eyes on the coffee cup) before it took off.

annoyed with the fly for dunking itself in my coffee. Artist: gaurangi mehta shah

This fly has one hell of a survival story to tell its grandkids. And me? All I can give is advice – look left, right and center before you eat or drink for any fluffy fly alert!