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what has been on my mind since sometime ?

Sketching was always on my mind. Sure, I drew my emotions and have few art journals to my name, but I never had the balls to draw those beautiful, picture perfect, gorgeous sketches of places, nature, and objects which you see on social media created by amazing artists.

So, I decided to give it a shot. Believe me when I say this, I rotated my sketchbook in all possible directions, and I still couldn’t figure out what I was drawing 🤦‍♀️. I was terrible at perspective except when it is mine lol!

2 years passed since my last attempt. Now, here I am, sharing my sketches with you. They are brand new and latest edition of June 2022 😊. I had to loosen up my shoulders, rotate my neck, had to let go of the pressure on my wrist, and allowing my eyes to follow the outline of the scene in front of me, not worrying about perspective or perfection. Viola I had the most beautiful form in front of me (no harm in praising ourselves right?) and best of all I could recognize the objects in all my sketches 😁

I was jumping with happiness, my book fell from my lap and crayons spilled all over the floor, which I had to pick by the way (I have always wondered who cleans up in a movie scene after they throw a glass on the floor or when they sweep the desk of its contents). I have never tried it and I think my obsession with cleanliness will not permit it.

Below are few pages from my sketchbook. I also drew myself drinking coffee, took a selfie first and then drew it.

I have made some bad sketches (inner critic said that to me in my dreams) and some good ones too. I am sensing a sketching addiction developing within me and I love it. Waiting to see what my eyes see so I can trap that memory in my sketchbook 😍.

Thanks dahlings for reading and do share your precious thoughts with me of your sketching experience. Ta! Hasta pronto!