2022, safe spaces

We can all relate to that one person or persons with whom we feel secure, safe, and comfortable. They are those people with whom you can be yourself, where you allow yourself to share, laugh and cry in the same breath. They are understanding, gentle, and full of compassion. Come rain or shine they are always there by your side. They are trustworthy, dependable, and honest as I am sure, you are to them.

Those people create a Safe Space. A space where you are always welcome. A space where you can safely leave your boxing gloves outside. A space where you don’t have to defend yourself constantly. A space where you don’t feel judged. A space which brings contentment to our hearts, where you can heal, be emotionally and mentally charged. A space where even silence is not awkward. Where you feel contained and sheathed. A space where you are loved and excepted.

Your eyes flood with tenderness when you think of them, doesn’t it? A special bond has blossomed and is blossoming. Forever grateful to have them in our lives. Love and happiness to them always. Love them all.

in the year 2020, i created a series called – The third space. Have you felt your energies being different with different people? the vibrations created are either positive or negative. Check the series and connect.

Click on each artwork.

Eternally together. some bonds never cease to exist

Your absence is felt. Wish some people were immortal

One special bond full of vibrancy and love

I will always be by your side, come rain or shine some people are forever there for you

Emotional attachment. Some bonds are difficult to let go.