2022 mini-series – embodying a linear pattern

What happens when you can’t think beyond your capabilities? Where ideas become repetitive. Mundane. Boring. Routine. As if you are stuck in a huge void of nothingness. Completely lost. Numb. Blank. Everything you know has suddenly been erased from your mind. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

For me, the beginning of 2022 is exactly that. Devoid of visions. Ideas. Concepts. Newness. Everything seems linear. Banal. Uninspiring. I don’t see a curve. A bend. An opening.

My hand acts in line with my mind, forming straight lines. Creating crisp boundaries around a figure. There are no circles. No swirls. No crooked jagged lines. Absolute linear. Once in a while a curve pops it’s head out but other than that it is simply unbending.

I am positive that this is just a passing phase and something new will emerge but as of now this is what I am experiencing. So be it.

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