2021 mini series – lost and found

I had a burnout in the year 2020. It lasted for almost 4 months, but the residues still exist in mild proportions. I documented some moments in my journal, and some were etched deep in my memory. Each painting which I painted tells a personal story of what I went through. The frozen state, the inaction, the numbness, the lack of desire to do anything, understanding and accepting what was going on, being gentle on myself, allowing myself to just be, reading and journaling, taking time to bounce back and somewhere slowly seeing my disappearing form appearing gently.

Everything lost its meaning at that moment. A question did cross my mind, how long will this last and will I be able to overcome it?

I did. Slowly.

Slowly there was an unveiling of the Self from the mist. I was able to find myself just by allowing myself to be. I was slowly coming into existence one step at a time. No rush no hurry. Materializing bit by bit. All the time losing and finding myself.

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