2019 – fh-(aces)

Every aspect of ourselves is in a constant state of flux. Our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts, our moods. We are fleeting wisps of being. And every change affects our view of the world, our perceptions, our relation to the Other. Our sense of coherence, of identity is an illusion. We are made up of momentary worlds, phases that leave residues even as we and the world we create is constantly changing.

But each moment is real. Is complete. A cauldron filled with fear, loss, resentment, blockages, joy, love. All the colours of life. Colours, an inner critic is constantly raging against. Making us neurotic. In constant conflict. Vulnerable. Alienated. Sometimes it brings rare moments of insight when the veil is lifted and the world of duality ceases.

And so it goes. Our life. Circular. Round and round. Reflecting the changing phases of the moon.

 © Rajiv Shah

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